Carousel Slider plug-in

I have played with ideas for a web ‘portfolio’ on this site, but have not been able to configure it to look quite as I wanted, so I ended up choosing another slider option. I have created a draft site for a client which included client testimonies. The layout of these is similar to what I was looking for for my portfolio.

These testimonies were in the form of posts displayed using the CHPC slider. I figured this would be a better way to display my web portfolio so I have finally got around to getting rid of my old portfolio and installing this new one. The plug-in was easy to configure, I (once again) have used the free option which I think may only give me one slider. I only need a single portfolio, so it’s perfect for my needs. Configuration was simple enough to get up and running with only a few tweaks. I have 6 sites in the portfolio at the time of writing, so I wrote a post for each and chose dimensions such that a single post appears on the page at a time. The featured image appears in the portfolio along with excerpt text (configurable) – clicking takes you to the full post.

All in all, this may not be EXACTLY my perfect portfolio, but certainly is an improvement on previous attempts…

You can see the portfolio here

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