Case Study

Mentioning no names….I have a friend who had a bad experience with a company that built a website for his business – This is what happened, and how to avoid the pit-falls.

My friend made a fundamental error, he allowed his website builder to buy a domain on his behalf – the website building company in this case, OWNED the domain of the client. The domain is the website address, so for instance it may have been (it wasn’t…)

Example of poor web design (not the one from the case study)

The website gets built, but to be quite frank it is awful – the site content is as required, but the design is truly lacking in any kind of attempt at finesse My friend remonstrates with the designer, but the designer continues to charge for his services by the month – the case goes to court because my friend refuses to pay for a site which looks so amateur. He loses because of one simple fact – he has no control over the domain name. The website builder continues to host the disputed site, so the court rules that a website is visible on the internet, and the builder is entitled to be paid whilst the site is visible. My friend has no power to take it down even though it is supposedly ‘his’ site.

And just so you know…domains are really cheap – you won’t need to spend more than ¬£10 a year on your¬†domain name. There are a lot of domains out there, so getting the one you want may not be easy – we are happy to make some suggestions if you get in touch.

The moral of the story is that you buy your own domain before you get a third party to design your site. If you own the domain, you have the power to control where the domain ‘points’. You can point it to a server provided by the domain registrar in which case you get a default ‘landing page’ which tells you who the domain is registered with – or you can point it to the server of your website builder (if he is also offering a ‘hosting’ service) once you are happy with his efforts. If anything happens to that website, you have the power to point the domain elsewhere and your designer has no power to stop you. This does not mean that you are not obligated to the designer, but it does mean that you may not have to keep paying for a service you are not happy with.

If you need to get your head around what the difference is between:

  • domains
  • websites
  • hosting

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