Charity Website

Charity Website

I was asked to build a new site for a charity that was using a non-intuitive CMS site previously. I figured that WordPress would be preferable for this client, and managed to find a (free) template that suited the clients needs.

The client was very keen to be able to create posts and updates without in depth technical knowledge. On the other hand the client was also keen to learn and experiment which made for a great working partnership.

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(no link is included here at request of the site owner)

Livewyre Studio (HTML)

Livewyre Studio – the HTML version

This service has two sites on different domains. This is the latest HTML site I created using Dreamweaver – the SEO on this site is hand-coded and easily changed. The WordPress site uses Yoast SEO which is easy to use and gives instant feedback.

I created this site to be ‘clean’ and un-fussy yet still (hopefully) attractive to the visitor. Having two sites for the same service allows the owner to optimise for different search terms/audiences etc..

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Livewyre Studio (WordPress)

Livewyre studio offers a mail-order service to convert cassettes to CDs

This site has been through various incarnations, this is the latest WordPress theme  version. The reason for using WP in this instance was to ensure that the site would remain mobile friendly. Also any other protocols needed for the future will naturally be included in WP updates. This WP theme has ‘highlight’ type boxes on the front-page allowing certain pages to be prioritised.

There is also a HTML site on a different domain for the same service. This allows the owner to try different optimisation techniques, or target different audiences with the additional domain.

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Enviweb – Environmental information

Created on a WordPress framework, this site provides information about wastewater and wastewater treatment. There are links to EU legislation for wastewater treatment, and information regarding some of the common parameters measured and the methods.

Like most of my WordPress sites, it is simple, uses a free template and the YOAST SEO plug-in for search optimisation.

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Wordpress site

Teisendeg – Homemade cakes – WordPress

Originally I had created a HTML site for this home made cakes website. The latest version has been transferred to WordPress so that the owner can edit the site. The owner is able to add cakes as WP ‘posts’ using categories to separate the different types of cake. A priority for this site was to be able to link to social media, the owner uses Facebook and Twitter to engage with their clients.

We chose WordPress for the following reasons:

  • Mobile compatibility
  • Ease of editing for the site owner
  • Ease of integration with social media

Teisendeg arranges afternoon teas and sells homemade cakes in Cardiff. There is healthy keyword competition because there are a number of similar businesses locally. We have consistently achieved first page SERP for specific key phrases.

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HF Storage

HF Storage in Cardiff

Our brief was to recreate a hand-coded site within a WordPress framework. The site was around five pages in total, so did not take too long to upload. Some additional SEO-oriented pages and elements have been added. This website promotes a local self-storage facility.

The original site can be viewed here, the new site uses a similar layout though restricted somewhat by the WP template. The real challenge was to see if search engine rank could be quickly attained for the new site – in practice, with good SEO techniques, it took about a month for the rankings to be similar to the previous version. For now, both sites are retained on their separate domains.

See the full portfolio as a series of ‘posts’