Now I’m not talking about MS Access or MySQL databases, I am talking about keeping contact details for your clients and contacts. Every now and then (without spamming) it;s good to let your ‘audience’ know that you are still around and available…

Your database might be as simple as your MS Outlook address book – so it’s important to firstly know where you can find all the email addresses/phone numbers etc.. that you need – and that you maintain that database, back it up and fill it up with as much relevant data as you can.

I useĀ ‘Dolibarr’ client management software, and I try to use it to make the first email communication with every customer and prospective customer – that way I have all the detail I need wherever I am (it’s a cloud based system). Subsequent email communication is then usually done using ‘Livemail’ (similar to outlook) so there is my second resource.

You will need to know how to interrogate your database to get the information you need – you can usually set your email client settings to record every email address you write to in your address book – that will help to automate the database process, but you can then check through this an add notes that might be relevant. It’s a good idea to regularly backup this data so that you don’t lose touch with clients and prospects. I will post more about Dolibarr in the future – I get it free with my hosting package, and although a little ‘involved’ to set up – it offers a great way to track your contacts, and a professional set of tools for invoicing and quoting.

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