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I mentioned before that I use ‘Hot Frog’ directory, and I get quite a bit of local business through it although I am not set up primarily for local users on my ‘cassette2cd‘ website.

I am also on ‘FreeIndex‘ for the same cassette to CD service, and as well as being a free directory listing (no doubt ‘no-follow‘ – see my previous post) FreeIndex also has a section where clients can leave a review. Now it’s unlikely that your clients will make a bee-line for this, but it is something you can promote to your clients through a badge-link on your site or providing a link in emails etc..

Reviews can be very important for web-based services, and in the ‘old days’ a few choice quotes on your website is about as detailed as it got. However, nowadays, independently published reviews are seen as a major marketing tool.

Of course, you will need to be confident that your clients are delighted with your service, but that’s really not too high a mark to aim for – and the fact that you invite reviews will already give a certain level of confidence to your prospective clients. Personally, I wouldn’t be too worried about getting negative reviews as there are always those that will moan at everything, and review-readers probably understand that. I always read several reviews and look for common remarks. If one person sticks out as having a differing opinion than all the rest I assume they just have a chip on their shoulder and ignore them…

The biggest problem, I think is getting people to actually fill out a review. I am thinking of emailing a few past clients thanking them for their business (maybe wishing them a Merry Christmas) and inviting a review. I find that mentioning your Facebook page in emails encourages people to give great feedback – I am hoping they will be just as happy to provide a FreeIndex review. I’m going to try this shortly and will maybe be able to post about how it went…

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