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In the past, I have ‘tracked’ SERP results by ‘hand’, typing in various key search terms into Google (making sure I use the local search) and painstaking logging the search results on a spreadsheet. I end up with a table which has a bunch of search terms down the left-hand side, and the page and position for a given search on a given date going along the top. My final column is an indication of whether the results are getting better or worse using a simple ‘true/false’ statement.

This week I discovered a free online tool which does exactly that for me. You enter your domain, your chosen location and a list of search terms.display search result Not only does this give you the precise number of your result, if you open a free account you can save your set of keyword searches for each of anything up to 20 domains. If you then revisit and do the test again, it will let you know if you are ‘up’ or ‘down’ on the previous result and keep a record of your highest position. Basically everything I was doing for myself, this site does for me…for free… So here’s the thing.. the site is WHATSMYSERP.COM, click on the link to take you there – it’s free, so this link is freely provided and unsponsored…

Of course the main reason I wanted to show this display result chart is to show how outrageously successful I have been getting #1 for two very specific search terms for this site – basically the same search in two different formats. It’s not that much of a boast because the search is very niche, nonetheless there is little doubt that this drives visits to the site. This is my first try so there is no ‘Prev’ results in this image – but as I attempt to build up results for some of these other terms, this ‘Prev’ column will become very important.

I am a big fan of ‘free stuff’ and the internet is full of it. I love getting high SERP for free and get equally excited about finding really useful services which are free. Whatsmyserp was a great ‘find’ for me, I will post any others I discover, let me know in the comments if you know of any great FREE tools…

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