Slider WordPress plug-in

I manage a WP site which, in the past had the notorious ‘Revolution’ Slider plug-in – I say notorious because (before I was managing it!) the plug-in was exploited and the site was hacked through it.

The problem is now fixed, and I have started to look at how we might use the plug-in, and honestly have been really impressed with it and it’s many features. However, not only has the plug-in been exploited in the past, but its also a plug-in you have to pay for… So my task has been to look for the best free equivalent.

I searched quite a few options and finally settled on ‘Huge IT Slider’ as the most suitable. It’s not feature-packed like a paid plugin, but I found it would do everything I needed. My basic requirements were for a slider which can do a few different¬†transitions, and which can have a separate¬†link on each of the slides. You can see the resulting slider on my portfolio page on this site.

Pretty much all of the free sliders have ‘whistles and bells’ options which you have to pay for, so if you’re looking for a slider, have an idea of what you want before you start looking – in most cases, you will end up kissing s few ‘frogs’ before you find Prince Charming…

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