Spell Check for WordPress plug-in

Well there I was updating a WordPress site when I realised there was no spell-check function in the page editor. When did this happen? a bit of research suggests that this functionality was removed in WordPress version 3.6.

It’s pretty important to do your best to make sure that your website is not full of spelling mistakes. I recently edited a site and found five spelling mistakes in the first┬ápage I looked at, in only about three paragraphs of text. My personal feeling is that you can get away with the odd error, but a proliferation of errors will put seeds of doubt into your visitors’ mind regarding the authenticity of your site and the validity of your products/services.

jetpackIn the example cited above, there can be little excuse because although this was an updated version of WordPress, it still had the spellcheck feature available. So how did it still have spell-check when other updated WP sites do not? The simple answer is that it had a WordPress plug-in installed, in this case it is Jetpack from Automattic – but this is not the only option, there are a number of available plug-ins that will do the same job.

The Jetpack WordPress plugin actually offers a whole range of tweaks, and the spell-check function is just a small part of this offering. You will have to sign up for a free WordPress account in order to activate the plug-in, and for peace of mind, this plug-in was actually put together from the very team that gave us WordPress in the first place. This invaluable plug-in also includes WordPress ‘stats’, functionality around automatically updating social media with your posts as well as a whole host of other really useful functions – you may only need one or two functions at the start, but you may soon grow to realise that Jetpack will save you downloading a whole lost of individual plug-ins over time…

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