Windows 10 – default programs

Another Windows 10 anomaly I have come across is that it has become unclear how to access default software preferences.

I remember years ago back in Windows 95 being frustrated because I had downloaded a trial program which had installed itself as the default program for images. When the trial ran out I could no longer open any images by clicking them in an explorer window because the default program was not responding. I spent months without a solution until I realised that you can ‘tell’ Windows which program to use by default (this was done simply in any explorer window – tools/folder options/file types). So where is this functionality in Widows 10?

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Windows 10 fixes – scanner

I switched to Windows 10 fairly soon after it became available and found that everything pretty much worked straight ‘out of the box’ some older software was obviously not going to be compatible, but an awful lot just worked without any problems.

One thing I will say is that the Windows 10 ‘apps’ are virtually useless for a desktop although probably if you were using a Windows phone, they would be fine. For instance, I tried the ‘7-Zip’ app (my preferred software for compressing files) and it was useless. I the downloaded the ‘proper’ software (NOT via Windows 10 app store), and it worked fine.

My latest problem is that my HP scanning software suddenly stopped working – I don’t know what prompted it, but I have an ‘all-in-one’ printer scanner and the printer was working fine, but when I opened the ‘HP Solution Centre’ via which I normally scan my documents, it immediately closed itself and refused to work.

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Now I’m not talking about MS Access or MySQL databases, I am talking about keeping contact details for your clients and contacts. Every now and then (without spamming) it;s good to let your ‘audience’ know that you are still around and available…

Your database might be as simple as your MS Outlook address book – so it’s important to firstly know where you can find all the email addresses/phone numbers etc.. that you need – and that you maintain that database, back it up and fill it up with as much relevant data as you can.

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Computers of the future

I have viewed the rise of the computer from before the PC (Personal Computer) was widely available. I probably used a computer for the first time in about 1981. Many times since, I have wondered about the rise of the computer, and specifically about how the PC and media such as music, film and TV etc.. would end up being integrated (as they are starting to be now with the latest devices). In those first days, the internet was really only for proper geeks – who knew where we were headed..?

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