Search Results Tracking

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In the past, I have ‘tracked’ SERP results by ‘hand’, typing in various key search terms into Google (making sure I use the local search) and painstaking logging the search results on a spreadsheet. I end up with a table which has a bunch of search terms down the left-hand side, and the page and position for a given search on a given date going along the top. My final column is an indication of whether the results are getting better or worse using a simple ‘true/false’ statement.

This week I discovered a free online tool which does exactly that for me. Continue reading Search Results Tracking

SERP – Search Engine Rank Page

SERP search engines

I prefer to think of SERP as being Search engine rank POSITION, but popular usage has it as ‘page’. This is basically where your site comes in the hierarchy of search results delivered by your search engine when you search for a particular word or phrase.

Let’s not kid ourselves, I have done two posts already on this new blog and have yet to use the ‘G’ word… There is one master of search and that is GOOGLE. If you are looking to optimise, then Google is your master like it or not.

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The first blog entry

websitetastic blog


Websitetastic is all about making the internet accessible for the little guy, blowing away the myths and making SEO simple.

In the blog I will be exploring some ‘plug-ins’ that have been used in various sites, bringing in relevant internet news and talking about the simple SEO methods that anyone can use to push their site up in SERPs.

I have used some specific terms already – so my first blog posts will be used to explain the terms SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SERP (Search Engine Results Position), I will go on to expand on these themes, bring in some relevant internet stories and intersperse these posts by examining some of the plug-ins I have used (or uploaded and then trashed).

Plug-ins are little WordPress add-ons that can be used to add functionality to a WordPress blog or website. WordPress is the platform I am using to build this website and to build websites for clients – it offers a platform that is easy to log in to and make changes and updates. This is a good solution for a client who does not want to get bogged down in the details, but wants a great-looking functional website.