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redirect plugin

A redirect plugin can be really useful if you have re-built a site, are re-organising your site or have shifted from a HTML platform to a CMS.

I discovered today that an old link (a friend had kindly provided for me) actually pointed to a non-active page. This was because the link had ‘index.htm’ as part of the URL. The original site was built using Dreamweaver WYSIWYG which turns pages into HTML, so the link was valid until I switched to WordPress. The solution was simple and only took a few minutes, so I thought I’d quickly share it with you.

Re-directs are simple enough, ┬ábut a simple redirect plugin makes them even more manageable. I went for ‘Safe Redirect Manager‘ by Taylor Lovett because I am just too lazy to investigate how to do my own re-directs.

The interface appears under ‘Tools’ in the WP menu, and simply putting ‘index.htm’ into the ‘from’ section and ‘home’ in the ‘to’ section (press ‘update’) got me up and running immediately. Adding additional re-directs will be a doddle using this tool, which could be really useful as the original site had a lot of content that really needs gathering together at some point. Using this tool, I can redirect traffic from various subsections of the ‘old’ site and have them all point to the new updated format.

Purists will of course, want to create their own redirects, and not want to add layers of plug-ins for such simple tasks. Personally I am happy to trust to someone who has already considered the potential loopholes sometimes involved in these tasks, and ironed them out of the plug-in on behalf of the users.

As always, this is a free plug-in – call me mean, but there you are…this blog is free, so…..

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